Group Processing for Companies, Travel Agencies and Other Organizations


Groups are considered 8 or more non-related individuals traveling together on the same itinerary for the specific purpose of participating in a particular event. Groups can be attending sporting events, educational events, cultural events, religious events, workshops, conferences, etc.


Groups must request special group appointments. If you think your group might qualify, the group coordinator or representative must email as soon as they have all of the required documents. Your request must include:

  1. An invitation letter from the sponsoring party in the US that includes:
    • Purpose and date of travel
    • City (cities) in the US to be visited
    • Point of contact in the U.S. and contact information
  2. A list of all visa applicants including complete names, date of birth, passport number and visa classes that they will be applying for.
  3. Approved I-797 and information of the petitioner (full name, birth date, address, phone number, and address) for petition-based visas (if applicable).

Group representatives will be notified via email with further information if the group request is approved. Once approved, the group representative must then schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Please apply early. Click here for visa delivery information.

If you do not meet the above criteria for a group appointment, you can apply through the normal Non-immigrant Visa process at:

For technical assistance with the group website, MRV fee payments, or your login information (email and password) please email: