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Alternative access to Citibank Branch in Dar es Salaam

This is to inform applicants that the portion of Toure Drive, close to where Citibank is located in Dar es Salaam, is now closed for maintenances. Alternate routes have been put in place in order access the Bank.

Roadblocks have been put at the junction between Kurume Road and Toure Drive to restrict access and to only allow residents and bank clients to access the area via a gravel service road that has been constructed for temporary use while construction is in progress.

If you are coming from City Centre: Through Kenyatta Drive-go until you have reached Kenyatta Garden. Go ahead until the junction to Hill Road. Drive through Hill Road until Chaza Lane - keep right. Go forward until the junction with Toure Drive, turn left drive through gravel access road to the Bank.

For those coming from other places through Toure Drive and Kurume Road you can go until the junction between these two roads and enter through access Road provided by contractors at the road blocks.

Applicants are advised to exercise maximum caution and observe provided instructions when driving through Toure Drive.


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