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You are at the Official Immigrant (permanent) Visa support website for the U.S. Embassy in Ireland.


If you are working or studying in the U.S., plan to travel to Ireland for the Christmas holiday season, and need to renew your visa, you need to schedule your visa appointment now.

If you schedule your visa appointment between December 16 – 20, 2019 and you wish to return to the U.S. before January 3, 2020, you will need to collect your passport at the U.S. Embassy two working days after the day of your scheduled interview/appointment. Passport/visa collection will be at 2:00 p.m. sharp and must be in person. For a small number of visa applications, additional administrative processing may be required. If that applies to you, we will inform you immediately.

Visa appointments must be scheduled through our online appointment website or call center at https://ais.usvisa-info.com. If, when you schedule your appointment, you find that the first available date does not suit, you may submit an "expedite" request through the appointment website requesting an appointment date that better suits your travel plans. Please select a DPD courier depot for the return of your passport (even if you plan to pick up your visa after visa issuance). Please note: no appointments will be available on December 24.

Although you may qualify to submit your visa application by mail, we strongly advise that you do not choose this option over the Christmas holiday season as there may be insufficient time to process your visa application (normal processing takes 10 working days for mail-in applications) in time to return to the United States.


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