Ikaze, abasaba viza y’abimukira y’Amerika

Wageze ku rubuga rw’ishami ry’ubufasha bwo kubona viza (ya burundu) y’abimukira rw'Ambasade y’Amerika mu Rwanda.

U.S. Consular Services Continue, Despite Partial Government Shutdown

The Bureau of Consular Affairs continues full operations despite the lapse in appropriations that took place on midnight December 21. All consular appointments for December 26th and beyond remain valid. Applicants are encouraged to use www.usvisa-info.com the day before, and day of, their appointment to verify that the appointment is still active.

Closures on December 24 and 25, 2018

All consular appointments scheduled for December 24 were canceled or rescheduled. Please check your email or text message for information on your new appointment date and time or for instructions on how to reschedule your appointment. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.


Andikisha itariki n'isaha yo kujya gufata viza y’abimukira yawe itangwa n’Ambasade cyangwa usabe serivisi z'ubufasha zihabwa abatuye muri Amerika bagarutse mu gihugu.

Subiramo unagenzure gahunda yo guhabwa viza y’abimukira itangwa n’Ambasade cyangwa gusaba viza y’abatuye muri Amerika basubiye mu gihugu.

Menya ibindi ku bijyanye n’uburyo bwo gusaba viza y’abimukira.