Companies and Other Organizations


The US Mission in Mexico has two group processor types that allow approved users to schedule appointments for a group of applicants.

H2 Groups (temporary agricultural and non-agricultural workers)

Petitioners of H2 agricultural and non-agricultural workers, as and well as local agents and recruiters who wish to schedule appointments for H2 temporary workers in Mexico must register as an H2 Group Processor by following the instructions at the bottom of this page.

All Other Groups

Groups of 10 or more non-family members traveling together and applying for a visa type other than H2 temporary worker visa, may qualify for Group Processor access, which will allow them to schedule appointments together through this website. Groups must be individuals traveling with the same itinerary, such as musicians performing together or a delegation going to the same conference, etc. Follow the steps at the bottom of this page to submit a request to become a Group Processor.

Requesting Access

To request "H2 Group Processor" or "Other Group Processor" access, a group representative must follow the steps below. If you choose not to proceed, click on the Close button.

  1. Create an account
  2. Click on the "Actions" link at the top right of the "New Applicant" screen
  3. Select "Account settings" and click on the "Request To Be a Group Processor"
  4. Select the appropriate group processor type
  5. Complete the request form and "submit"

The Consular Section will review your request and send an email with their decision and further instructions.