General Group Visa Information

Group Visas

Groups in Colombia meeting the below criteria will qualify to be processed as part of the "Group Program."

  • The group consists of 5 or more non-family members.
  • All applicants in the group are following the same travel itinerary (destination(s) and departure and arrival dates).
  • The purpose of travel is to participate in a specific cultural, conference, sports or "sweet fifteen-trip" event, or group members are applying for O or P visa classes with an approved I-797 petition.

Note: Groups should start the visa application process at least three weeks in advance from their intended travel date.

If you do not meet the above criteria to be processed under the "Group Program," you can create an account and schedule through the normal nonimmigrant visa process.

If you qualify for the "Group Program," one representative of the group must follow the steps below:

  1. Create an account
  2. Click on the "Actions" link at the top right
  3. Select "Account settings" and click on the "Request Pre-approval To Be a Group Processor"
  4. Complete the request form and "submit"
  5. Your request will be reviewed by the Consular Section and you will receive an email with the decision.