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Video: How to apply for a U.S. Visa

See video on How to Apply for a U.S. Non-Immigrant Visa in Canada:

English version - http://youtu.be/M9dmkE2UWAk

French version - http://youtu.be/1_kyKZ8yrZY

Chinese version - http://youtu.be/a7a7O-lf2Z0

Hindi Version - http://youtu.be/CmuzWAGV6l8

Spanish version - http://youtu.be/D0CUNUy9iFA

Arabic version - http://youtu.be/3nT4BNRlDLw

Urdu version - http://youtu.be/mMU0kRPi-4Q

Farsi version - http://youtu.be/bSlsj0sXiu4

Tagalog version - http://youtu.be/6T8uiawAYww

Russian version - http://youtu.be/cBISXuYvGBQ

Portuguese version - http://youtu.be/c5a4UoGjov8

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